This attack can be used at the same time as another Pulse attack (other than Hyper Pulse).

Range: 25

Damage: 2d8 Normal + 1d4 δ

Damage (S): 2d8 Normal

To Hit: +3

Level: 6

Stat: INT

Pulse Attacks Edit

Acid Pulse

Arcane Pulse

Audio Pulse

Chill Pulse

Dark Pulse

Dragon Pulse

Drought Pulse

Earth Pulse

Fairy Pulse

Fear Pulse

Flame Pulse

Flight Pulse

Frost Pulse

Ground Pulse

Heal Pulse

Hyper Pulse

Light Pulse

Metal Pulse

Mind Pulse

Mystery Pulse

Nature Pulse

Origin Pulse

Power Pulse

Rock Pulse

Shadow Pulse

Shock Pulse

Storm Pulse

Tiny Pulse

Toxic Pulse

Water Pulse

Pokemon Edit

Eevee Lv 15

Vaporeon Lv 14

Jolteon Lv 14

Flareon Lv 14

Espeon Lv 14

Umbreon Lv 14

Leafeon Lv 14

Glaceon Lv 14

Sylveon Lv 14

Tarraggeon Lv 14

Maleveon Lv 14

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