Kankhan is a Fighting Pokemon and is an original Pokemon created for this RPG.

Kankhan is the evolution of Cukhan and can evolve into Cukharoo.


Kankhan is a fairly short Pokemon which looks almost exactly like a Mega Cukhan, the Mega Evolution of its baby form, Cukhan . It is light purple with a yellow or tan belly and a black scalp between its ears and spikes sticking out of the end of its tail. Kankhan can only be male due to how it evolves from Cukhan. It is a rough Pokemon that easily gets into fights, especially disliking Tyrogue it finds in the wild. Even though it is a tough Pokemon it will gladly eat plants if it cannot find a suitable source of meat.


Kankhan is a naturally short Pokemon, but it does have some very distinguishing features, such as the spikes on the end of its tail, the small plates it has around its torso, or the black spot on top of its head. Other than those features, roll 1d6+11 inches for a random height and 1d6+12 pounds for a random weight.

Racial AbilitiesEdit

Kankhan keeps its No Guard and Scrappy I from being a Cukhan and gains Defiant II upon evolution.


Includes Types, Levels, and Racial Ability Score Bonuses.

Type Fighting
Minimum Level 7
Maximum Level 15
INT -1
Natural Armor 0
Ground Speed 30
Swim Speed 15
Burrow Speed 15
Hit Dice 4d6
Skill Points per Level 4


All the attacks Kankhan learns naturally as it grows along with numerical values for Base Attack Bonus and Saving Throws.

Level Attacks BAB Fort Save Refl Save Will Save
Learned Upon Evolution

Bulk Up

Sky Uppercut

7 Smart Strike - 5 2 2
8 Power-Up Punch +1 6 2 2
9 Counter +0 6 3 3
10 Slack Off +1 7 3 3
11 +0 7 3


12 Submission +1 8 4 4
13 Reversal +0 8 4 4
14 +1 9 4 4
15 Close Combat +0 9 5 5


This table list some of the numbers that will change when Kankhan evolves.

Name Cukharoo
Requirements Level 10
STR +4
DEX +3
CON +1
INT +0
WIS +0
CHA +1
Natural Armor +0
Ground Speed +15
Swim Speed +5
Burrow Speed +5
New Hit Dice 4d6
Additional Skill Points per Level 2
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