Nidorina is a Poison Pokemon from the first generation.

Nidorina is the evolution of Nidoran and evolves into Nidoqueen.

Nidorina is the female counterpart of Nidorino, both of which evolve from Nidoran.



Nidorina is very similar to Nidoran with more distinguished features except for the horn on its head which has disappeared. It tends to stand on its hind legs now that it does not have a horn to attack with. Roll 2d6+24 inches for random height and 2d8+35 pounds for random weight.

Biology Edit

Much quicker to anger than Nidoran, it often fights other Nidorina for its food, whether or not there is plenty around. Its diet consists of vegetables and grasses. They sleep between six and eight hours during the night.

Culture Edit

Nidorina lives with the colony of Nidoran, with some Nidorino and other Nidorina, as well as a pair of Nidoqueen and Nidoking. They sleep with the female Nidoran in the twin nests.

Racial Abilities Edit

Nidorina keeps the abilities Hustle, Poison Point, and Rivalry from being a Nidoran.

Stats Edit

Includes Types, Levels, and Racial Ability Score Bonuses.



Minimum Level 6
Maximum Level 14
Natural Armor 1
Ground Speed 30
Swim Speed 15
Burrow Speed 15
Hit Dice 4d6
Skill Points per Level 6

Progress Edit

All the attacks Nidorina learns naturally as it grows along with numerical values for Base Attack Bonus and Saving Throws.

Level Attacks BAB Fort Save Refl Save Will Save
Learned Upon Evolution Poison Fang
6 Flatter - 2 5 2
7 Poison Jab +1 2 5 2
8 +1 2 6 2
9 Take Down +0 3 6 3
10 +1 3 7 3
11 Super Fang +1 3 7 3
12 +0 4 8 4
13 +1 4 8 4
14 Fire Fang

Ice Fang

Thunder Fang

+1 4 9 4

Evolution Edit

This table lists some quantifiable changes when Nidorina evolves.

Name Nidoqueen

Level 12

Moon Stone

Life Partner

STR +3
DEX +2
CON +2
INT +2
WIS +3
CHA +3
Natural Armor +2
Ground Speed +10
Swim Speed +5
Flight Speed +5
New Hit Dice 5d6
Additional Skill Points per Level 2
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