Oddish is a Grass/Poison Pokemon from the first generation.

Oddish is a first-form Pokemon that can evolve into Gloom.



Oddish is a very small plant Pokemon with a round body, two feet, and leaves sprouting from the top of its head. Other than the leaves, Oddish can be almost any color, often determined by the contents of the soil it sleeps in. Roll 1d6+15 inches for random height and 1d4+10 pounds for random weight.


Although it does not have hands, it can use its leaves for simple tasks such as holding or catching small objects or opening doors. With practice, Oddish can lift heavy things or hold themselves up. Oddish are born with three leaves, and more sprout as they grow older. During the day, Oddish will most likely bury its body and sleep the entire day while its leaves perform photosynthesis. Oddish become active at night.


Oddish can be seen with many other plant Pokemon, most often Gloom, Vileplume, and Bellossom. Oddish grows more leaves as it grows older, and other Oddish and Gloom show respect when it has more leaves than them; however, Vileplume and Bellossom have only petals instead and do not consider the leaves of an Oddish to have any meaning.

Racial Abilities Edit

Oddish inherently has the abilities Chlorophyll, Darkvision, and Run Away.


Includes Types, Levels, and Racial Ability Score Bonuses.

Type 1


Type 2 Poison
Minimum Level 0
Maximum Level 10
STR -1
DEX -3
CON -1
INT +2
WIS +1
CHA -3
Natural Armor 0
Ground Speed 15
Swim Speed 10
Burrow Speed 15
Hit Dice 2d8-1
Skill Points per Level 4


All the attacks Oddish learns naturally as it grows along with numerical values for Base Attack Bonus and Saving Throws.

Level Attacks BAB Fort Save Refl Save Will Save



Sweet Scent

1 0 0 2

Poison Powder

Sleep Powder

Stun Spore

1 0 0 3



2 1 1 3

Sunny Day

3 1 1 4

Mega Drain

3 1 1 4
6 4 2 2 5

Natural Gift

5 2 2 5
8 5 2 2 6
9 Giga Drain 6 3 3 6

Grassy Terrain

Nature Pulse

7 3 3 7


This table lists some of the quantifiable changes after evolving.

Name Gloom

Level 6

STR +2
DEX +1
CON +1
INT +1
WIS +1
CHA +4
Natural Armor +1
Ground Speed +5
Swim Speed +0
Burrow Speed +5
New Hit Dice 2d10+1
Additional Skill Points per Level 2
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