Parasect is a Bug/Grass Pokemon from the first generation.

Parasect is one evolution of Paras, the other being Parastrike.


Customization Edit

Parasect remains virtually unchanged after evolution from Paras, with the main difference appearing with its head: lower brain function requires a smaller brain, while its mouth and pupils both disappear. While the host remains largely the same, the parasitic fungus grows to be larger than the host. The pair of mushrooms grow together to form one cap, which is always red with yellow spots. Roll 1d6+10 inches for random height and 1d12+60 pounds for random weight. The tochukaso contributes 24 inches to the height of Parasect.

Biology Edit

Controls all brain function of the host body, using it to inhabit large trees and drain the energy from them to sustain itself. Prefers to avoid sunlight, allowing its host body to rest for an average of six hours each day during the hottest time of the day, although it prefers a warm environment. Will often venture outside during rain to assist its natural functions.

Culture Edit

Generally live in groups of Parasect with some Paras, finding large trees to bore into. The larger the colony, the more often a new home must be found after the previous one is completely drained of life. Avoid Parastrike at all costs, not because of an aversion, but because of the aversion of the Parastrike to the tochukaso. Sometimes known to follow Pinsir and use the burrows under trees to facilitate a new home; this in turn causes the Pinsir to find a new tree to burrow under, allowing the colony to continue its cycle.

Racial Abilities Edit

Parasect inherently has the abilities Damp, Darkvision, Dry Skin, and Effect Spore.


Includes Types, Levels, and Racial Ability Score Bonuses.

Type 1 Bug
Type 2 Grass
Minimum Level 8
Maximum Level 20
DEX -3
Natural Armor 2
Ground Speed 15
Swim Speed 10
Burrow Speed 10
Hit Dice 2d10+1
Skill Points per Level 6


All the attacks Parasect learns naturally as it grows along with numerical values for Base Attack Bonus and Saving Throws.

Level Attacks BAB Fort Save Refl Save Will Save
Learned Upon Evolution Cross Poison
8 Aromatherapy - 6 2 6
9 Synthesis +1 6 3 6
10 Rage Powder +1 7 3 7
11 X-Scissor +1 7 3 7
12 False Swipe +1 8 4 8
13 Swords Dance +1 8 4 8
14 Leech Seed +1 9 4 9
15 +1 9 5 9
16 Endure +1 10 5 10
17 Grass Pledge +1 10 5 10
18 Powder +1 11 6 11
19 Night Slash +1 11 6 11
20 Shadow Shed +1 12 6 12
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